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FW Real Estate - a solid property listing solution

FW Real Estate Basic, Pro and Agency

If your business involves multiple agents working for one company, FW Real Estate Agency version is an ultimate solution for you. And if you are an independent realtor working yourself,  FW Real Estate Realtor version is your choice.

MLS/IDX/XML integration service

Maximize the performance of your real estate website and increase your success rate using MLS/IDX/XML integration service. MLS/IDX/XML integration makes it possible to integrate your real estate website with the largest property listings database in the local area and keep it up-to-date with the current real estate marketplace. As a result, you get access to the latest information about the best properties in the market and can effectively manage your website content.

Property manager

Manage your properties without having to access the admin panel. Add, edit, remove, copy, publish/unpublish your properties using simple and easy-to-use front-end manager control panel.


Advanced search module

FW Real Estate Search Module is a powerful solution for your real estate website. Search by country, region, address, property ID, amenities, category or any other predefined criteria. Choose from 3 different layouts to match your needs.

Property Fields


Add building details, neighborhood info, parking space, lot size, living area, total floors, exterior/interior details, etc.


Add as many amenities as you need using the Dictionaries section.

Leasing Terms

Flexible leasing terms, pets friendly/not friendly details, deposit terms, availability calendars, etc.


Specify utility costs using the Cost section.

Floor/Room Plans

Add photos, descriptions, and sizes for each floor/room of the property.


Use these fields to calculate the value of an investment property.

Maps & Geotags

Visualize your property on a map, view property details and neighborhood.


Get notifications about the newest properties in the marketplace and sent emails to your friends.