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Fastw3b VM Rental Plugin + Virtuemart  = Your Rental Website

FW VM Rental adds rental option to your VirtueMart website!
Plugin extends functionality and allows you to RENT and/or SELL products at the same time.
Works with latest VM and Joomla.

Rental product demo    Buy VM RENTAL Now!

FW VM Rental Features

Fastw3b Virtuemart Rental Plugin Logo

Virtuemart Native
Integrates into Virtuemart product payment block as a Custom Field Type.

Pricing Grid
Allows setting a pricing grid with terms devided by rental periods with respective recalculation.

Stock Control
Keeps track of booked and rented items for all products allowing only in-stock quantity.

Rent and/or Sale option
Allow rent and/or sell products when adding to cart for more flexibility.

Individual product settings
All product settings are individual and can be adjusted separately.

Deposit and insurance
Requires deposit and insurance amounts if required for a rent.

Multitype rental products
Stock control can be adjusted to block quantity for paid and pending orders.

Booking delay
Some products may require prior preparation and need a booking in advance.

Date format
Start week day and date display for country native date format.

Package Rental Period
Select rental Pickup Date
Pickup date:
Return date:
Max rental period: 3-any number of days

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