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GARMIN Oregon 650 GPS Discoverer™ Bundle

Unrivalled accuracy, unrivalled control. With a new multi-touch dual orientation screen that really does work with gloves on, an incredible 8MP camera and Garmin's most accurate receiver, the Oregon 650 the greatest handheld GPS they have ever produced.
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GPS users around the globe have been waiting fervently for the arrival of the Oregon 650. Its predecessor the Oregon 450 was one of Garmin's most popular units, with a great touchscreen and a sleek palm fit design. What would the 650 add? Will it live up to the hype? We can tell you now, it does. The touchscreen far surpasses anything they have produced before, and goes to-to toe with the responsive feel we've become accustomed to on the iPhone. Large areas of mapping can be pinched and scrolled with ease, and the super-bright 3 inch TFT screen displays OS maps in incredible detail. This Discoverer Bundle includes a microSD™ card with a 1:50K scale map of the whole of Great Britain, so you can explore to your heart's content either on the trail or in-car.

Aside from the fantastic new screen, Garmin have ramped things up on all fronts. Keen geocachers will be ecstatic to know it stores a massive four million caches, which is a practically infinite amount. The receiver now uses GLONASS satellite tracking with its high sensitivity receiver, a Russian system that offers more coverage for a faster signal lock, especially in remote areas, and HotFix® technology predicts your movement to keep track of you even under cover of trees or buildings. 

The Oregon 650 has an incredible 8MP autofocus camera, it's the best Garmin have put into any of their devices. Take great landscape shots that are automatically geotagged and you can even view additional photos from other devices with the Oregon photo viewer. With a massive 3.5MB memory, you can store thousands of shots, great for epic holidays or huge expeditions.

Garmin have always pushed things forward with connectivity options, but the Oregon 600 can now be synced with your iPhone using the Base Camp mobile app. All your routes, caches and waypoints can be wirelessly uploaded to your phone, ready to share with your friends on social media or the new Garmin Adventures™ platform.

Possibilites are endless with the Oregon 650, so start exploring with the cutting edge of GPS technology.

  • Includes 1:50K GB Discoverer microSD card - a detailed OS map of the whole of Great Britain, with Navteq road data for in-car use with turn-by turn directions.
  • 3" sunlight readable dual orientation touchscreen - Garmin's greatest touchscreen, maps can be pinched and viewed in more detail than ever before.
  • 8MP autofocus digital camera with zoom, flash & torch - automatically geotags the loctation of each photo so you can navigate back to the exact spot.
  • 3-axis compass with accelerometer and barometric altimeter - all the core outdoor features we've come to expect from the top Garmin units.
  • High sensitivity WAAS/GLONASS enabled receiver with Hot Fix satellite prediction - unprecendented satelitte coverage keeps track of you in remote areas and under dense cover.
  • Supports paperless geocaching - with room for an incredible 4 million caches.
  • Smartphone connectivity - sync the GPS with your phone to wirelessly share, routes, caches,image and routes.
  • Share with Garmin Adventures™- build your travels into interactive stories to share with a wide community of fellow explorers
  • Connects with Garmin Basecamp™ - plan your routes, tracks and waypoints before you head out, and analyse your data when you return home.
  • Rugged waterproof casing (IPX7) - will withstand rain, dust, dirt and mud.
  • Worldwide base map - gives you OS grid or lat/long references with shaded relief for elevation.
  • 3.5GB on-board memory & microSD™ slot - room for 4000 waypoints with the option of adding maps such as City Navigator street mapping.